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Project Zero Summer Institute

Japan ASCD’s TIOM (Try It On Monday) will be held at Nishimachi International Schoolon Saturday, April 27th, 2013.

WHAT IS TIOM? Try IT On Monday is a one-day ‘technology in education’ event held each year. Classroom teachers offer one-hour workshops on practical classroom use of technology.The goal of each workshop is for participants to walk away with new ideas that they can "try on Monday".

Now in our sixth year, this event continues to grow in popularity amongst schools in the area.
In connecting our various school communities within the framework of professional development, bonds are further strengthened by the lasting connections that are fostered in the online professional learning network, NING.

As in previous years, Japan ASCD will offer TIOM Award.You can win a 10,000 yen Amazon gift card. The prize will be given to the person who made blog posts relevant to the education on the TIOM member's NING ( can also post photos and videos that you will take during the event.This challenge will be continued for a month after the event. Japan ASCD will choose a person on Saturday, May 18th.
TIOM presenters bring a wide range of experience and share their innovative IT and practical teaching ideas with other fellow educators. If you would like to share your passion for teaching technology by presenting at the TIOM, please send your name and contact information to TIOM Coordinator, Kiyotaka Horii at 
This workshop is FREE and Nishimachi will provide refreshments and lunch. We hope to see you on Saturday,April 27th!

Please go to and click on the green Ning button in the upper right-hand corner to visit our TIOM page.
Visit Try IT On Monday at:

Global Online Academy

Introduction to Online Teaching

This four-week course is designed for the high school educator or administrator seeking to learn more about successful practices in developing and teaching an online class. This hands-on course equips participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and teach a small, teacher-paced, academically rigorous online course. Participants will average 3-4 hours of course-related work per week. 

Topics covered include:

• Exploring the current landscape of online learning;
• Creating a collaborative and social learning community; 
• Using a learning management system (LMS), and other associated technologies; 
• Examining effective practices to engage students online; 
• Developing strategies for curating course content; 
• Designing meaningful assessments;
• Maintaining an active presence in the daily life of the course; and
• Leveraging the geographic and cultural diversity of a global classroom 

Visible Thinking Seminar
Japan ASCD Member ¥25,000/$285.00
 University Credit will be offered


EARCOS Weekend Workshop - Visual Literacy  

Principals' Training Centre 2013 Summer Institutes  

See summer schedule of events 


YIS Cohort 2 Begins January 2013!
There’s already been so much interest about our second YIS COETAIL cohort that we’ve started to organize dates next school year. Please fill out this quick survey to get future updates!

These are just preliminary details, but here are the expected dates for the next cohort:

Weekend Workshops
Course 1
Spring 2013
Jan 21 – Mar 4
Adam & Kim
Google Apps EduSummit (ASIJ) (Feb 9-10)
Course 2
Spring 2013
April 22 – June 3
TBD & Kim
Flat Classroom (March 8 – 10)
Course 3
Fall 2013
Sept 2 – Oct 14
Frank & Kim
Course 4
Fall 2013
Nov 4 – Dec 16
Rebekah & Kim
Course 5
Spring 2014


Free ASCD Professional Development Content from their new ITunes U Collection

Stay up-to-date with videos and podcasts on a number of topics including 21st Century Learning, Student Achievement and Teacher Effectiveness. There are some really good resources that are well worth investigating. If you want to keep current with new content in any of these fields then just subscribe to the collection from iTunes.

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