Technological advances that are powering the rest of the economy have been slower to make their mark on people working for change. What could happen when they are fully unleashed?

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Changing how we learn: 10 disruptive tools for every generation

As the web rapidly transforms the way we consume knowledge, here’s a quick look at innovative tools, programs, and startups that are rapidly changing how we learn. See more

Re -Inventing Schools Coalition - a new approach to Schooling

The RISC Approach to Schooling

The RISC Approach to Schooling is a revolutionary approach to education that represents a dramatic shift in the educational process. The RISC approach is the first comprehensive school reform framework set up as a performance-based system rather than a Carnegie unit or time-based system. Already being implemented by more than a dozen schools and districts in the United States, RISC has caught the attention of educators in countries around the world who see it as a pathway for delivering on the promise of education for every child.
“The RISC Approach to Schooling is the most comprehensive and well-articulated approach to standards-based reform in the country.”
Robert J. Marzano
Leading education researcher

Helping Educators Navigate Web 2.0 - An interview with Steve Hargadon

Steve Hargadon’s career in education technology stems from a passionate interest in the role of technology in changing education. Known for being at the forefront of open education resources, web 2.0, and virtual live events, Hargadon has become the go-to expert in educational social networking. In 2007, he created Classroom 2.0, a social networking community for educators using web 2.0 and collaborative technologies, which in the past five years has grown to a network of more than 63,000 members worldwide. He also hosts the Future of Education interview series, a weekly podcast for which he has interviewed a rich and diverse group of key researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders from the ed tech and digital media & learning fields. His newest venture, Teacher 2.0, is designed to help promote the personal and professional growth of educators in a web 2.0 world. As discussions in educational technology begin to shift away from the technology and become more centered around pedagogy, we asked Hargadon what it really means to reimagine learning for a digital age.

The Virtual High School Global Consortium is a leader in offering online courses in HIgh School Curriculum and in Professional Development learning. The development of these online services identifies a need for online learning supporting schools not able to offer all courses that students want. See what VHS has to offer.