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TED-Ed Launches a new customizable teaching platform.

Reviewed by M.Moody 

This is an amazing expansion to TED-Ed's educational initiative and serves as an incredible asset to any "flipped" classroom. Imagine taking any TED video along with other educational videos from YouTube and creating a customized lesson for your students. Well.. actually you can using this very flexible tool. Go to www.ed.ted.com and take the tour. You will not be disappointed.


TEDxGlasgow - Donald Clark - More pedagogic change in 10 years than last 1000 years


The annual Horizon Report has been published by EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) in collaboration with New Media Consortium (NMC).  The report outlines six new and emerging technologies which will impact education over the coming years. Although this report focuses on the impact of these technologies in Higher Education we can be sure to see them in the K-12 setting as well. The report is not a showcase for new technology, it outlines the ways in which learning and teaching will be impacted by specific innovations. 

Here is the link: Horizon Report 2012 

Six New and Emerging Technologies to watch out for:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Tablet Computing
  • Game-based Learning
  • Learning Analytics
  • Gesture-based Computing
  • Internet of Things

N.B. The K-12 Horizon report will be released in June 2012.

Digital Storytelling with the iPad

Digital Storytelling can transform your students' writing into a visual masterpiece that is filled with voice and emotion, while enhancing critical thinking skills.  The iPad takes digital storytelling to a new level by making the process easier, and even more engaging for students of all grade levels as well as for their teachers.  

This site will help guide you in what you need for success in the iPad Digital Storytelling classroom.


Explore the possibilities of including Virtual Worlds as learning spaces. Imagine simulations and explorations happening in real time in a virtual world. Collaborate with other groups in real world projects. For more information see....