Thursday, March 21, 2013

MacXpress moves to Google+

From now on we will be posting updates about MacXpress sessions on the Google+ ASIJ Learning Hub. If you haven't already joined our online professional learning community please follow the link and connect. We want to build it into a place where you can see what PD is happening both in and outside ASIJ, and where ideas about teaching and learning can be shared by everyone. 

I hope we can all get more comfortable with using online spaces. If you come across interesting articles or other PD opportunities please take a minute to share them on the Google+ ASIJ Learning Hub so others may benefit from your finds. Consider hitting the +1 on posts, or adding a comment or question on things you find interesting. Doing so is an easy way of giving and getting feedback.


Inspired by the Demo Slam model we saw at the Google Apps for Education Summit we have been inviting people to offer a 3 min Demo Slams at MacXpress (and during our HS Faculty meetings). They have been both fun and informative. It's surprising what can be shared in just 3 mins! We've learnt about phone apps that quickly scan and share documents, Chrome Extensions that enable us to split a screen between two windows, and how to combine Google Forms in a Sites right next to a Youtube video so students can easily peer review their work. Just to name a few.

This past Tuesday at MacXpress we tried something new. We used Google+ Hangouts to broadcast the Demo Slam. (We'll try this again after Spring Break.) If you can't make it to MacXpress on Tuesdays you may like to check out the Demo Slam recordings. This one is on, a site the 5th Grade teachers have been using. 

Thanks to everyone who has already done a Demo Slam. If you have ideas or suggestions please sing out.